Greetings to PBEM RPG

Sooner o later the time comes when you become an adult and responsible man. And this change almost always make you to leave your most beloved hobby: Role Playing Games. But there’s always hope.


But why? Just because you cannot get lost from your family 3 to 6 hours per week. And, ok, if you’re a dad (or mom) it’s not a burden. It’s a matter of the priorities on your life.

Some just forget RPG games for ever. The leave it behind as a beautiful memory (or even less than that). It’s a personal decision that I don’t really understand but nothing to regret.

But some just feel somewhat a void inside our soul. We live our lives as like some former smokers, just following the tobacco smoke from the smokers you cross over the street. We get astonished in a bar when there are a couple of guys playing Magic TG a couple of tables from yours. We feel the greatest joy disovering our first Youtube channel with saved hangout RPG sessions.

Vengador Tóxico

(this channel is in spanish, get this one from Nedrarchy to get an english speaking example)

I really love those hangouts :’-)

I’ve spent plenty of hours working and listening them as like they were a radio station show.

But this is not the solution I need. No game session through Hangout, Skype or Discord would fix my problem: lack of time. This would be really helpful for someone with almost no friends to play with around a table (maybe he likes some weird and unknown game or he just lives quite far from “civilization”). But

Pero no, una partida por Hangout, por Skype o Discord no es lo que necesito. Es ideal para quien no puede encontrar roleros para jugar en persona (sea por querer jugar algo muy concreto y poco conocido, o sea por vivir leeeejos de la “civilización”). Lo que no arregla ni por asomo es la falta de tiempo para juntarse a jugar. Pero si uno no se puede reservar esas horas con los amigotes, de la misma forma que siempre se tiene un momento para responder los mil y un emails que nos llegan… podemos escribir a ratos las acciones de nuestro personaje en una partida de rol… por email! 🙂

Y quien dice “email” dice cualquier manera que tenga internet de intercambiar textos y mensajes:

  • Emails
  • Posts en foros
  • Páginas Wiki
  • O incluso documentos de Google Drive!

(por eso digo “Rol por Mensajes” en el título y no “rol por Email” por que sería demasiado reduccionista)

Tengo mucho más que contar al respecto, pero ya explicaré el porqué y el cómo en otro post.

9/11, National day of Catalonia

Out of Catalonia, the september 11th is the day that Al-Qaeda hit the Twin Towers at New York. Others may recall the rise to the power of the tyrant Augusto Pinochet at Chile. But no one will understand why we catalans celebrate our most important holiday.

Today, nearly 300 years ago (1714), the troops of Philip V of Bourbon (direct ancestor of Spain’s current king) conquered the city of Barcelona after months of siege, after years of war. This day ended 7 centuries of Catalonia as an independent country or, at least, as a country with its own laws.

This day it also started or long way to our people’s victory: the survival of Catalonia as a culture, as a nation.

Yes, I said nation. Just take a look at our history.

I’m pretty sure that the spanish history you may studied at school (if any) told you about some kind of uniform country born with the marriage between Elisabeth of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon the year 1492. There are even who moves Spain’s birth even further in the past. The year 722, at the Battle of Covadonga, all cristian kingnoms of the Iberic Peninsula allied against the muslims showing, they say, a “unity of universal destiny”. Just a way to say that all these independent kingdoms knew that some day in the future they will build something called Spain.

But there’s another version of the history.

After the romanitation of the Iberic’s Peninsula, when the name was born (Hispania), and centuries of muslim domination, some cristian kingdoms and counties appeared. They didn’t make war only against muslims, but also between them.

These kingdoms, by territorial conquer and dinastic marriages, arrived to the Renaissance in three blocks:
Kigndom of Portugal
Kigndom of Castile
Crown of Aragon (also known as catalonian-aragonese)

This third country was sort of confederation where each territory had its own laws:
– Kingdom of Aragon
– Princedom of Catalonia
– Kingdom of Valencia
– Kingdom of Mallorca

So this famous royal marriage of year 1492 unified both the Kingdom of Catalonia and the Catalano-aragonese Crown. But during centuries each territory kept their own laws.

During centuries, until year 1701 when the War of the Spanish Succession. It was a conflict all around Europe and America to get who had to the heir of Spain’s throne (and all its territories all around the world): Philip V of Bourbon or Charles III of Austria. The Catalano-aragonese Crown joined Charles’ side and just check who is the current king of Spain (John Charles I of Bourbon) to know who won the war.

So, this September 11th of 1714 Philip V of Bourbon was free to charge us all “conquer right” and repression with its main example in Nova Planta’s decree.
– He imposed us all laws of Castile ignoring all laws and traditions of the territory.
– He imposed us the castillian (AKA spanish) as the only valid language, letting catalan to a dangerous situation that even today, centuries after that, we’re trying to mend.
– They created new taxes just to punish our people.
– Generalitat (Government of Catalonia), Consell de Cent (council of the hundred), Junta de Braços, all our institutions were banished.

But here’s where our victory starts. Because today, even all spanish efforts to assimilate us, we still are catalonians, we still feel like a nation. We still fight for our stolen rights.

This is what we celebrate today: the will of our people to recover our liberty.

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image.
Picture PacoR

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

Águila Roja, coincidence or black hat commercial?

Águila Roja
Águila Roja

© 2009 TVE (es)
Recently, in Catalonia, eastern Catalombia, TVE shows us a new serie entitled Águila Roja (Red Eagle) I am compelled to comment.
Everything is a schoolteacher in Castile s.XVII whose women is murderd in such strange circumstances that he is compelled to seek justice disguised as a sort of ninja superhero like these from Wu Xia movies. Yeah, ninja, because it seems that he had to escape from Castile by duel that got wrong when he was young, and oh surprise, fleeing to escape he arrived to the far east where he seemed to find a Ninjutsu sensei. I really don’t get how he could afford such a travel or how he could travel back (alive). But at least the writers tried to justify his kung-fu feats, not like Peter Hyams who played The Musketeer movie without worrying to explain the acrobacies of D’Artagnan.
el mosquetero
© 2001 TriPictures
But this is not what you wanted to comment, but the coincidence of the name of the series with a brand of coffee based on Cali, Colombia (western Catalombia) 1930.
Logo Águila Roja
© 2007 Águila Roja

What this really means? Is this a complex advertising campaign this Colombian food business? Do they have plans to enter the Spanish market?


We would like it a lot, as Colombian coffee is just excellent, but I’m pretty sure that this is just a simple coincidence that brings us to the shank of the first case of morcillism that I take in consideration.

Morcillism: a link between Castile and Colombia that is still surprising between the multitude of connections available in the obvious relationship between both cultures.
And no, it’s not a montserratism even knowing that the actor is Catalan. No way.
Gonzalo de Montalvo/Águila Roja, interpretat per David Janer
Gonzalo de Montalvo/Águila Roja, played by David Janer
© 2009 TVE
Just as I will now not relate it with the game “Assassin’s Creed” no matter how both protagonists resemble.